2020 Victorious! NATIONAL PROPOSALS * Community Conversations | Communities United ~independents~

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JOIN TEAM 2020 Victorious! | Communities United supporters (Democrats-Independents-Republicans) from all across the nation for Effective Perspective: NATIONAL PROPOSALS-Community Conversations! THE NATIONAL PROPOSALS: Community Conversations discussions will address political accountability and be a policy-issue analysis of our great democracy. The discussion series will be a continuum of one hour presentation-information sessions (mandatory-required), followed by a […]

2020 Victorious! Strategic Community Organizing * Phenomenal Election Impact | Communities United

Virtual CA

2020 Victorious! | Communities United (https://www.mobilize.us/2020victorious/) JOIN OUR 2020 VICTORIOUS! COMMUNITY to receive the latest news and information updates to contribute-create a viable community action plan. PLEASE SELECT a target date-time in the registration signup if your local-regional community has an approximate-specific target goal-objective schedule-deadline. __Register Once__ (one date only). 2020 Victorious! | Communities United […]

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