What goes in the NorCal Blue Calendar:

NorCal Blue tracks and lists electoral events all across Northern California — from Swing Left chapters, Indivisibles and other grassroots organizations to our many Democratic Clubs. We include:

  • Voter engagement events such as: voter registration, canvassing, phone/text banking, letter/postcard writing
  • Legislative education and voter advocacy events

The value of the calendar is driven by the breadth and depth of event posting by progressive activist groups across northern California, and the ability for end users to search the calendar along various parameters.  We appreciate your submitting your group’s events to the calendar, and providing complete, current event information to enable robust searches!


  2. Be sure it falls into one of the event types listed under the “Event by Type” menu, located on the menu bar at the top of the NorCal Blue home page.
  3. Please review the instructions below, then click the “Submit Your Event” button to the left, which will take you to the “Submit an Event” online form.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING THE “SUBMIT AN EVENT” ONLINE FORM  (Should you have any questions, please email us at

  • EVENT TITLE: To ensure that your event title captures the most critical information to attract participants, please include the following:  type of event, location (i.e. the name of the town where the event occurs), and sponsoring organization – for example, “Postcard Writing in Walnut Creek with Commit to Flip Blue”.
  • EVENT DESCRIPTION: We strongly recommend that you include an RSVP (e.g. an Eventbrite or Action Network page that you’ve set up for registrants) at the close of your event description.  To create a link to your RSVP:
    • Add a space at the end of your event description, then insert the phrase, “Click here to RSVP”.  Highlight “Click here to RSVP”, then click on the icon in the Event Description menu bar that looks like a link in a chain.  That will open a box where you can paste the url for your RSVP page, so the RSVP will be a clickable link.
  • EVENT TIME & DATE:  Please note that this field allows you to submit a recurring event that will always have the same title, time, and location.
  • EVENT IMAGE:  Please choose a .jpg, .png, or .gif file under 128 MB in size.  If you don’t have an image available, no worries!  The NorCal Blue operations team that reviews and publishes events has an image library.  We’ll select an image that looks and is sized appropriately.
  • EVENT CATEGORIES:  Important!  Please select all categories that will help ensure it’s as simple as possible for site visitors to search for and locate your event!  Event Categories include type of event, location of event, target area, and Organizer of the event. Click on the phrase “Search from existing categories,” then select as appropriate:
    • Under “*Main Calendar,” please select the type of activity that will take place at your event.
    • Under “1-County,” select the California county in which the event will take place.
    • Following the list of CA counties, you’ll find a 2020 list of CA Congressional Districts targeted for defending or flipping to blue.  If your event supports one of these districts, please select it.
    • Next you’ll find 4 additional types of activities (“Debate watch”, “Demonstration”, “Fundraiser”, “Meeting”) – if applicable to your event, please select accordingly.
  • Below these 4 activities is a list of “Organizers” – organizations that sponsor the events. Please select the organization(s) that is/are sponsoring your event.  If a sponsoring organization is not listed, please contact us at and we’ll add to the list.
    • Following the list of “Organizers” is a list of 2020 battleground states.  If your event is supporting voter turnout and/or races in these states, please select accordingly.
    • Below the list of battleground states are 5 more types of activities (“Social”, “Town Hall”, “Training”, “Watch Party”, “Webinar”).  Please select accordingly.
      • Note:  We acknowledge that there are several lists of types of activities in various spots on this list of event keywords! The list has grown organically over time as more groups have signed on to submit events.  We appreciate your understanding.
    • Please try to find your venue in the drop-down list and select it.
    • If a venue is not already in the drop-down list, when creating the venue, you must include at a minimum the City, State, and Zip Code.
    • If your event is taking place at a private home, and it’s not already in the drop-down list, when you provide the information please do not enter the specific street address.  Rather, enter “Private home in (City)” as the venue name and then create a record with just the City, State, and Zip Code.  Attendees can be given the specific location after they have RSVP’d to attend the event.
    • In addition to including the names of sponsoring organizations in the list of Event Keywords (above), please review and select from the drop-down list of Organizers.  If your event Organizer(s) is/are not included, you can add organizations to the drop-down list.
    • For each selected Organizer, you must enter a link to their website or Facebook/social media page, OR at least a name and contact phone number and email address. Organizers should be valid organizations, not the names of individuals, although it’s ok to add an individual name to an organization to make it specific.
    • If relevant, please enter the url for event information (e.g. the Facebook page with background about the event).
    • Please provide your name and email, so if we have any clarifying questions about the event we can contact you.  (We remove submitter names and contact information before publishing)
    • Leave blank to hide the field. Enter a 0 for events that are free.

Events should appear within 24 hours.  Please contact us at if your event does not appear on the calendar, or if you have any other questions.  Thanks for your commitment!

NorCal Blue