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Plenty you can do from home.

Phone banks:

  • Join the fight against voter suppression in Georgia – phonebank on your own, using this guide.
  • Fight Voter Suppression In Arizona and Georgia with Center for Common Ground’s Phone Bank Central
  • Phone Bank into Arizona to Urge Sen. Sinema to Reform the Filibuster with Indivisible Arizona
  • Thinking about phone banking?  Watch this video and see how important it is.  These resources below will get you started and keep you on track!
  • To make Get Out the Vote calls with the Democrats on your own schedule, visit their Take Action page and select one of the active campaigns.   Questions?  Need training?  Contact:



  • Postcards to Voters provides addresses for voters in targeted campaigns.  Sign up to be an approved writer; you provide postcards and stamps.
  • Join a Bay Area Postcard team! Write postcards at home to expand Democratic control of Congress!   By email you will receive all of the data you need to write impactful postcards. You will get your own postcards, usually the pre-stamped ones from the post office.  Email to get started.
  • Register Democrats with Field Team 6 in North Carolina or Florida or Colorado or California (CA-25).  Sign up to write postcards.  They have Shepard Fairey postcards to buy, or lots of other cool postcard sources to check out.
  • Join Activate America in writing postcards to voters in districts newly flipped blue to let them know their Democratic representatives kept their promise and voted to give them the COVID 19 relief their communities deserve.
  • Send postcards with Reclaim Our Vote.  Email to get instructions and addresses.  Order postcards here

Stop The Republican Recall of Governor Newsom

More Texting Opportunities

  • Resistance Labs has all kinds of text campaigns, including the Turnout 2020 project to recruit volunteers to make phone calls to potential voters in swing states and get them to commit to vote. Click this link to Learn more
  • Join the MoveOnText Team to join a nationwide community of passionate volunteers using the power of peer-to-peer (p2p) text messaging to mobilize members and voters across the country to take meaningful action.
  • Learn how to text with Red2Blue and get ready to support new campaigns, including for down-ballot elections.

Writing Letters:

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