This site and its parent, the NorCal BlueWave Alliance, aim to support collaboration among local progressive grassroots organizations, with the near-term objective to win 2018 elections in California Congressional districts targeted to flip from red to blue or to remain blue.

How did we come into being? In March 2017, North Bay grassroots leaders Patrick Mundy and Linda Herman met at a fundraising event in Petaluma for Congressman Jared Huffman (CD02).  Their meeting sparked the creation of Rock The Congress, a series of one-day conferences bringing together progressive activists to strengthen collaboration that will lead us to victory in this year’s midterms

Rock the Congress catalyzed an independent, inter-organizational coalition of Northern California grassroots leaders, now called the NorCal BlueWave (NCBW) Alliance.  An unincorporated volunteer group (nota PAC) representing over 50 progressive grassroots organizations, the NCBW Alliance is evolving as a vibrant, lasting network that will help win and maintain progressive majorities at every level of government.

NCBW Alliance does not seek to direct northern CA grassroots groups to a particular electoral strategy or to specify Congressional districts on which member groups should focus.  The Alliance acknowledges that we are an emergent “group of groups” and we respect each member group’s autonomy to determine its own strategic approach to helping win back Congress.

The NCBW website features a searchable, interactive calendar of electoral activities in districts that are relatively close to the Bay Area, and/or that have been identified by Bay Area grassroots leaders for volunteer support.  In addition, the website provides links to similar calendars on sister sites in central and southern CA.  We intend to maximize visibility into the breadth of choices for providing volunteer support as requested by grassroots leadership in red districts or in blue districts facing significant challenges.

Building on the excellent work of southern California activist leaders who launched, we are proud and delighted to introduce as a tool to cultivate collaboration across Northern California progressive groups, and to engage concerned citizens who want to help but aren’t sure what to do  or where to go. Please join us!

The Steering Committee of the Norcal Blue Wave Alliance

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